Three Months Plan for Adults

It has been observed from experience that a client benefits the most from a diet plan that is spread over a minimum period of three months with periodic reviews.

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One Time Consultation for Children

Tanuja conducts this one time consultation only for children. Based on the contents of her book “Parenting in the Age of McDonalds”

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Corporate Workshop for Women

Tanuja has designed this corporate workshop to provide women employees with important and holistic inputs on nutrition and fitness.

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Parenting Workshop for Corporates and Schools

Tanuja conducts this parenting workshop based on her book “Parenting in the Age of Mc Donalds” published by Rupa Publications.

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Food Journal

Food Journal

It is an excellent tool that can help you to gain more control over your diet and fast-track your progress to a healthier lifestyle.

Buddy System

Perks of Having a Workout Buddy & How to Choose One

A workout buddy can transform you from an exercise-fugitive into an exercise-addict.

Lifestyle Cleanse

Whitewash the Five Dreaded Whites from your Diet

They are the mischief-makers in your diet that can badly upset your applecart

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