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Tanuja Sodhi - Fitness Coach & Nutrition Consultant

My journey so far...

I am from Agra. I was neither fit nor healthy. Also, I did not have any big aspirations in life. I was clueless about the significance of eating healthy and a regular exercise regime in life. I was frail, timid and vulnerable. I’d say, I just existed, taking each day as it came. Until one day....when the Indian Armed Forces opened their doors wide for women. I was one of the 22 women selected from over 60,000 applicants from the country to be a part of the first batch of women officers in the Indian Navy.

It was in the Navy that I underwent my baptism by fire, where I was hit by an avalanche of rigorous activities. It was here that I learnt to draw on my inner reserves to enable me endure the physically and mentally austere lifestyle that initially seemed like a mission impossible! Now, regular fitness and good nutrition has become an addiction and an integral part of my daily existence. It gives me a fervent high and keeps me energised through the day.

While Navy was instrumental in kickstarting my transformation into someone mentally strong, physically robust and with a strong sense of self-worth, my journey of self-actualisation has been an outcome of diverse factors, such as key relationships, motherhood, friendships, circumstances and a deep yearning to metamorphose into an intrinsically happy person. It continues to this day, as I learn new and holistic ways of keeping myself healthy and happy on a daily basis. And now, it’s my strong desire to share the approach, tools, routines, methods and secrets of my wellness journey with you to help you be a healthier, fitter and happier person than ever before. I hope to inspire you through my life to be the person that you’ve always wanted to be, but didn’t know how.

The following are the different facets of my professional and personal life that keep me physically, mentally and emotionally fulfilled.

Wellness Coach & Motivational Speaker

After completing 7 physically demanding years as a Short Service Commission officer in the Armed Forces, I ventured into civilian life where I trained and got myself certified to become a group fitness instructor. My newfound passion became my profession. I set up my own fitness studio where I took group fitness sessions of aerobics, cardio kickboxing, body conditioning, circuit training, boot camps and functional training for the fitness aspirants.

Around the same time, I also realised that a fitness regime is incomplete without good nutrition to lead a holistically healthy lifestyle. It dawned upon me that nutrition and fitness are not substitutes for each other, but instead, they complement each other.

This led me to augment my nutrition wisdom through a Fellowship in Applied Nutrition. I started offering nutrition advice and diet plans that were customised as per my client's life-style issues and needs.

  • Wellness Coach & Motivational Speaker

While on my journey to transform people' from leading sedentary lives to active, fit, healthy and fulfilling ones, I realised that health transformation is incomplete without unraveling the reasons behind people’s resistance or fear of changing unhealthy habits, and then to find a fix for them.

This led me to explore several mental and emotional interventions that have helped people to shed unhealthy mindsets and habits, and ease into a healthy lifestyle. So, mindfulness interventions also became a staple part of my wellness toolkit, using which, I am now on a mission to making it easier for people to make realistic and permanent life-style changes which they can pursue lifelong.

As a wellness coach and a motivational speaker, I conduct talks and workshops in corporates, schools and other communities. These talks focus on spreading the message of holistic wellness achieved through specific time-tested mental, physical and nutritional interventions and hacks that are imperative for leading a healthy life.

By virtue of being a mother of a 22 year old boy and having blogged and authored books on parenting, I conduct parenting workshops through which I endeavour to help parents raise happy and conscientious children with well-rounded personalties.

Being a woman, I feel special affinity towards helping other women to be the best versions of themselves, and therefore, I hold exclusive wellness workshops for women to help them live a healthy life, fuel their aspirations and give wings to their dreams!

I have had the privilege of speaking at organisations and schools, such as- Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Nestle, Coca Cola, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Nomura,, BootCamp Yellow, Search Quest, NTT Data, SABIC, Vivafit and many fitness communities.



My flair for writing, backed by the ever-growing knowledge about nutrition and fitness, ushered me into the space of blogging, and I started blogging on subjects like child nutrition, balanced diet, fitness and running. I blogged as a wellness expert for acclaimed parenting portals like and, and for the Horlicks brand, besides writing blogs for my own webpage and Facebook page Wellness Hub by Tanuja Sodhi.


Blogging led me into penning books. I have since authored two books published by Rupa Publications. Parenting in the Age of McDonald’s is a ready reckoner on child nutrition with practical diet and fitness tips, and Raising a True Winner (to be released shortly) is a guidebook to bringing up a happy and confident child with a well-rounded personality. I am presently penning my third book which deals with women’s holistic wellness, which will be released in the first half of 2020.



I discovered running as a sport at the age of 40. Ever since, I have run 7 full marathons, numerous half marathons (including 11 consecutive Airtel Delhi Half Marathons) and an ultra marathon of 50kms. I have been lucky to finish many of these races on the podium. It was a moment of elation for me when I was adjudged The Runner of the Year (female) in Delhi-NCR region in 2012. The other highlight was receiving the second position medal for the Mavana Sugar Half Marathon from the legendary PT Usha herself!


Always on the look out for new ways to challenge my fitness levels, I recently decided to venture into triathlons. After taking part in a couple of shorter triathlons, I took my physical training a few notches higher to prepare for Ironman distance triathlons. The Ironman 70.3 triathlon comprises of 3 individual sports, i.e. 1.9 km of swimming in open waters (sea or lake), 90 kms of cycling and 21 km of running in quick succession within a pre-specified cut-off times for each of these events. I successfully completed the Deccan Half Iron Triathlon, Kolhapur in 2017 and the Ironman 70.3, Colombo in 2018.

Trekking Enthusiast

Trekking Enthusiast

High altitude trekking is yet another passion that I keep alive by taking off on one high altitude trek every year. The long treks that I enjoyed the most include Goechala, Roopkund and Annapurna Base Camp.

Founder / Mentor

RunDivas: It was a very gratifying experience to have co-founded RunDivas, a leisure running group for women in Gurgaon. Together with the co-founder Deepa Ajith and my dear friends from the running group Runbugs, we encouraged hundreds of women to shed their sedentary lifestyles and experience running for the first time. Many of these women are seasoned half and full marathoners today.

RunWithMe: I am one of the founding members of RunWithMe - a non-profit organisation committed to helping under-privileged young athletes to realise their maximum potential in running. As a founding member, I have co-organised numerous running events in Delhi- NCR in the past.

Founder / Mentor
Featured in Limca Book of Records

Featured in Limca Book of Records

I feel immense pride for having been featured in Limca Book of Records as the first woman to be commissioned in the Indian Navy in the year 1992 as a Short Service Commission officer.

Educational Qualifications

  • Schooling: Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior St. Patrick’s School, Agra
  • Graduation: Bachelor of Arts, Dayalbagh University, Agra
  • Post Graduation: Master’s degree in English, Dayalbagh University, Agra
    MBA (HR), Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
Tanuja Sodhi with P. V. Narasimha Rao

Tanuja Sodhi Values

my two cents’ worth on fitness

My true baptism by fire occurred during the rigorous training in the Indian Navy, fortified through the Reebok certification subsequently. Today, fitness is my addiction and is an integrated part of my daily routine.

It is my sweet tooth that gives me a fervent high and keeps me energized through the day. Regular fitness is an antidote to modern afflictions of a sedentary lifestyle such as work related stress, obesity, diabetes, etc. Never speculate whether you have missed the fitness bus or not, since it’s never too late to embrace fitness and start exercising. To keep it engaging, pursue the fitness activity that appeals to you such as, running, yoga, cycling, swimming, Pilates, Zumba, boot camp, functional training, etc.

It will go a long way in keeping your body supple and robust, heart healthy, bones strong, brain active, weight in check, and sleep tranquil. We women require exercise as much as the men do. Those of us who think they have no time for exercise, need to rethink and push ‘fitness’ up a few rungs on their ladder of priority. According to me, fitness is imperative and not an alternative!

The Road Ahead ...

I have a deep yearning to help people enrich their lives through a blissful regimen of nutrition, fitness and mental interventions. I aspire and affirm to fulfil this desire and spread the message of healthy living by:

  •   Being a role model by embracing these interventions in my personal life
  •   Sharing wellness resources like articles, lifestyle tips and healthy recipes
  •   Giving talks and holding workshops to provide in-person guidance


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